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As one of the world’s leading universities in traditional,complementary and alternative medicine, University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia(UTMA) creates an exceptional Medicine, Stomatology and TCAM learning environment, that fosters healthy and bouncing society and supports outstanding research to discover best methods of diseases treatment, to served the people around the world.

UTM of Armenia provides the opportunity for transformative student learning through outstanding teaching and research, enriched educational experiences and also University creates and advances knowledge and understanding, and improves the quality of life through the discovery, dissemination, and application of research within and across disciplines.

We serve and engage society to enhance economic, social, and cultural well-being.

University of Traditional Medicine Of Armenia Founded in 1991 with another outlook and Foresight to medical science and it’s progress that we are witnessing today, and it is patient tendency to use alternative medicine methods and avoiding the use of synthetic medications, this is why our medical students along with the learning western medicine also learn all over the world Traditional,Complementary and alternative Medicine methods and holism.

The Founder of this Noble Idea Is Dr. PhD NORIK SARIBEKYAN The rector of university.


The University engages its alumni fully in the life of the institution as valued supporters, advocates, and lifelong learners who contribute to and benefit from connections to each other and to the University. with the university Alumni Card, Alumnies can learn life time all of the short courses and also retraining courses with fifty percents discount and Participate free of charge in the seminars even as lecturer.

By login to university Alumni section also you can see your academic profile as your diploma,official transcript, certificates,articles and etc.

News Updates

National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation's Visit to the University of Traditional Medicine

The National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) carried out a systematic monitoring of quality assurance systems at the University of Traditional Medicine on January 19, 2011, according to the Government's decisions on “The Accreditation Procedure for Educational Institutions and their Specialties” and “Institutional Accreditation Standards”. During the monitoring visit, the ANQA representatives had meetings with the Rector and vice-rectors, the staff of the Quality Assurance Center, the faculty, as well as the students.

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Iranian Art Massage Institute held a three-day short course in the University of Traditional Medicine

Iranian Art Massage Institute held a three-day short course in the University of Traditional Medicine from the 30th of October till the 2nd of November, 2017.

The topics of the workshop were:

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