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The University of Traditional Medicine carries out the educational program and research overseen by the law of Education of the Republic of Armenia by making highly educated medical specialists. According to the features and adopted order of the University, the following educational way is accepted: the standard period for the specialty 'Physician' is 6 years, and that of the specialty of 'Stomatology' is 5 years.

The objective of the University is to restore the traditional medicine in parallel with the contemporary one taking into consideration the centuries-old practice of Armenian and the Eastern folk medicine, the research works of folk medicine done by the international organization started in the 1970s, the increase in the complications of chemical therapy, to make doctors who while practising will combine the diagnostic and treatment methods of up-to-date medicine with those of the traditional one. On the basis of the above mentioned a new way of medical science-integrated medicine is to be developed.

The main educational programs include the following cycle of compulsory courses:

• Humanities and social-economical

• Natural-scientifical

• Medical-biological

• Medical-prophylactic

• General special clinical (therapy, surgery, stomatology)

• Clinical

As well as optional and elective courses, educational and practical training


Scientific-research work and international relations

• Scientific-research work in ten University is on a high level – the scientific activity was acknowledged internationally.

• The scientific-pedagogical experienced the University was mostly evaluated during the international conference in Cyprus, 1998. The conference characterized the experience as the first and the leading in making specialists in integrative medicine.

• The most of about 200 scientific works of theoretical and practical importance were put into practical public health service.

• According to modern and eastern traditional medicine Professor E.Minasyan (the professor of the “Chair of Traditional Medicine”) worked out original and integral methods of diagnoses of diseases, of a complex treatment, of medical plants and medicine which was acknowledged as on invention and got authority rights.

• The University is in close scientific relations with scientific-medical centers of Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States, China, and other countries.

News Updates

National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation's Visit to the University of Traditional Medicine

The National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) carried out a systematic monitoring of quality assurance systems at the University of Traditional Medicine on January 19, 2011, according to the Government's decisions on “The Accreditation Procedure for Educational Institutions and their Specialties” and “Institutional Accreditation Standards”. During the monitoring visit, the ANQA representatives had meetings with the Rector and vice-rectors, the staff of the Quality Assurance Center, the faculty, as well as the students.

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Iranian Art Massage Institute held a three-day short course in the University of Traditional Medicine

Iranian Art Massage Institute held a three-day short course at the University of Traditional Medicine from the 30th of October till the 2nd of November, 2017.

The topics of the workshop were:

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