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Why Stomatology

Studies in stomatology prepare the student for subject-specific know-how according to a gradual broad-based training. This includes conservative dental care, dental prostheses, periodontology, oral surgery and orthodontics, which are essential subjects of the innovative and practical training.


Stomatology imparts a range of ability and knowledge to students. Students learn about preclinical and clinical medicine and diagnosis of common dentistry diseases. A basic knowledge is acquired about dental work. Students are made master in search of medical literature.


Stomatology helps aspirants to learn the basic ways of data survey. More so, knowledge is also shared about oral medical research. Once the program is complete, successful students have the internship and employment prospects to take their career to next level.


Duration: 5 years


Applicants should submit the following documents


Application form – to be filled in the university


6 photos – 3×4


Identity document – passport


Secondary education diploma or certificate.


Health certificate.


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